Everyone’s journey when navigating dementia is unique, and being a member of the RAF community can add additional complexities. This may be because you are caring for someone with dementia while you are away on deployment, or you are looking after family members who have served or something entirely different;  everyone’s situation is unique.

There is a lot of information available on the subject of dementia, and about caring for someone living with dementia. In this section, we have broken down different aspects of dementia, with each box providing information on a particular topic, as well as links to finding out more. Where appropriate you will also find additional RAF context where the topic might directly relate to or have a different perspective from the RAF side.

Frequently Asked Questions
The signs and symptoms of dementia
The diagnosis process
Having a conversation with someone
The different types of dementia
Treatments for dementia
Communicating with a person with dementia
Becoming a carer
Planning for the future
Dementia friendly home environment
Deciding on long-term care
Dementia and Covid-19 Risk

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