We understand that looking after someone with dementia can be challenging but there are many organisations and groups that are on hand to support you through your journey.

There is a wide range of support available from both national and localised organisations, including:

  • Helplines
  • Support groups
  • Forums
  • Access to specialist information and advice

Being part of the RAF community can mean you require slightly different or specialised support, particularly for those who are serving or who have served.

Below you can find all the relevant information you may need to understand the support available to you, whatever your link to the RAF community.

Personal support on RAF stations and joint units

There is a range of personal support available on RAF Stations and joint units

The RAF Families Federation

The RAF Families Federation works to improve quality of life for the RAF community around the world – at work or at home.

Support from the military charity sector

Members of the RAF community may be eligible for support from the military charity sector.

Specialist support organisations

Organisations offering specialist support in this area